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Match Fishing At Messingham Sands

  You can book your match on one of our superb match lakes set in beautiful surroundings and full of fish, you will find a brief description below along with some photographs of the Swan Pond and the New Bit, the Islands Lake and Tripp, with graphics of layout and pegging. Each lake provides the dedicated match angler with something different. Please use this link to view a map of the fishery. When booking a match please check the match peg availability section before doing so. All details for match bookings can be found in the match bookings section of this site. Please adhere to all fishery rules when fishing.

Please note that our match lakes can only be fished in pre-booked and open matches. No practise or pleasure fishing is allowed. We feel that by keeping the pressure off the lakes the match angler will get a better level of sport than would otherwise be the case.

The Swan Pond & Little Swan (58 pegs)

Formally this was all one lake of around eight acres in size, however the bay which is now known as the new bit became either full of fish or devoid of fish depending on temperature and wind direction, to overcome this we built a bank across part of the lake burying two concrete pipes beneath, meshed with netting to prevent fish movement, a similar stocking level was then achieved either side of the bank. This sectioning of the lake worked well and a winning weight can be obtained from anywhere on match days.

The summer fishing can be quite spectacular when targeting the lakes Carp, with similar methods working year after year. The average size of the Carp is quite high with 6lb to 8lb the norm, however fish from 1lb to over 26lbs can be expected.
The preferred bait and the one which has accounted for the vast majority of the 100lb plus weights over the years is the 11mm hard pellet which manages to resist the attentions of the hoards of silver fish. Match anglers use this bait in a number of ways including the straight lead and up in the water waggler tactics. The weights can be quite something with a number of 200lb plus catches taken and many many over the 100lb mark, the Lake Record stands at 391lbs, taken by Barnsley,s Andy Oldham. The fish however are certainly no mugs and feeding patterns and methods have to be perfected in order to achieve the best results.
Other methods and more traditional baits such as Corn, Meat and also Paste all have their day.

The winter silver fish angling is truly unbelievable, even in the coldest of weather most match anglers will be able to get a bite a cast from Roach and Skimmers on a wide variety of baits.

 The Swan Pond looking towards the North Day Ticket

 The Little Swan with a section of the Swan Pond In the Background

 The Swan Pond looking towards the road

Islands Lake (65 pegs)

This lake is around 12 acres in size and was specifically designed as a match fishery. The lake was formally an open water before it was drained and a series of banks and islands created by mechanical diggers, some imaginative planting and mother nature have contrived to create a beautiful lake crammed full of features with no two pegs alike. Despite the fact that the lake contains a terrific head of Carp ranging from 1lb to 17lbs and with a match record of 239 lbs of these fish, many anglers love the fishing purely for the silver fish. Pole weights of Green and Golden Tench have been caught to 106lbs, Skimmer Bream nets to 150lbs, Roach nets to 90lbs, Chub nets to 141lbs and mixed nets containing all species including individual Perch to 4lbs 1oz make this lake an absolute joy for many of the regular and visiting match anglers. There are also plenty of Crucian Carp F.1's  and Ide to be caught and some surprisingly large Roach, the best so far weighing an impressive 2lbs14ozs.

The methods employed on this lake can be many and varied, the silver fish will respond to maggot, caster, corn, meat, pellets and worm whilst the Carp weights tend to fall to 11mm hard pellet or meat fished on the bomb or waggler.

A view from the main roadway over the Islands lake

An angler settles down into one of the secluded swims on the Islands Lake

The Islands Lake an idyllic setting for your match

Tripp Lake (36 pegs)

This 4 acre lake is situated off the main complex nestled in the middle of mixed woodland. Unfortunately it is situated on private land and no casual visitors are allowed, although this does mean that there will be no bank side disturbance whilst your match is in progress. This is a float only venue and the general size of the fish stock is maintained with this in mind. The carp are from 1lb to 8lbs with the occasional lump showing up now and again, The Skimmer Bream and Crucian carp are of a good stamp with plenty around the 1lb mark. These three species dominate the match weights with many catches between 100lbs and 251lbs being taken. Other species include Chub, Roach, Rudd, Ide and Tench.

Baits vary according to the time of the year, pellets, corn, meat, worm and caster being the most consistent with paste being a good bet throughout the summer.

The Tripp lake set in woodland with 36 well spaced pegs

An angler tussles with one of the many Carp in the lake

You will not be bothered by visitors or walkers when fishing this lake



Hollywood Lake is the most recently completed fishery and is situated off the main Messingham Sands complex on private land and is now being used for matches.

The Lake is approximately 450 metres long and 30 metres wide with fishing from the west bank only. Built in two phases, phase one was used for match fishing for a couple of years prior to the stock lake which was phase two being incorporated into the fishery to give a total of 30 pegs.

The lake has been purpose built to give allow for a variety of possible tactics, the near side shelf is perfect for short pole fishing and drops away quickly to around 3 metres depth which extends  out to around 20 metres, here the bottom shelves up to around 2 metres deep, this shelf extending for the remaining 10 metres to the far bank.

Current stocking includes lots of small Carp to 1lb plus a good head of 2-5lbs fish and a few in double figures, Crucian Carp, Skimmers, Ide, Tench, Chub and F1's make up the stocks.

Matches are often won on the pole, with weights to 240lbs taken, although waggler and pellet tactics fished tight to the far bank are now becoming very successful and at 30 meters the distance for employing this tactic is just about perfect.

Some really good weights of Silver Fish have been taken this year, including several over the 100lbs mark, giving anglers plenty of options with regard to tactics and baits.

30 Pegs available, fishing from one bank

Phase 1 of Hollywood match lake

You will not find walkers or spectators at this venue


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