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The Messingham Sands Syndicate Lakes


 Membership for 2015/2016 is now closed.

There are a limited number of winter tickets available.

These will be charged at £100 per person, the ticket will be valid from Sept 21 2015 to March 15 2016.Applications are now being accepted, tel 01724 763647.


 Whilst the restructuring of the membership a couple of years ago was successful in many ways, it resulted in many occasions when the Syndicate Lakes  did not see an angler on for several days at a time.

In view of the problems of poaching we were encountering prior to the improved security measures being implemented (i.e. CCTV, perimeter motion alarms and locking up of the site at night), we felt that it would be preferable to increase the membership numbers of the Syndicate in order to increase the numbers of anglers on site at night times.

 This  created more of a deterrent to would be Poachers and the extra vigilance of members  helped in this respect.

 The close season was reduced by 2 weeks and fishing  recommences on April 1st each year (closing on March 15th).

Last year proved to be very successful in all respects and the new system will continue

 The membership fee is £175 for the season.

In order to maintain the high quality of the membership structure we will implement a zero tolerance policy for rule breakers. This will effectively weed out any problem anglers should the need arise.

We will continue to promote junior anglers by allowing membersí sons/daughters between the ages of 10 to 15 inclusive to fish free of charge when in the company of the parent member. However this will be limited to a single, previously nominated child. We will require 2 passport sized photographs of the child in order that a joint membership can be issued.


Applications may be sent to Newstead Farm, Black Bank, Susworth..  N.Lincs.

  DN17 3AX.  or tel 01724 763647

Cheques payable to Messingham Sands Fishery, please include 2x passport size photographs.




This Syndicate is well known for it's two beautiful lakes and diverse fishing available to the syndicate members, there are two syndicate lakes to choose from, The Old Match Lake and The Little Pond, both well noted for their fish stocks and big weights.

 The Old Match Lake

This lake can produce 200 to 300lbs of fish in a single session with individual Carp to 28lbs and Catfish to 46lbs present to test the anglers tackle.

The peaceful old match lake

A view of the old match lake as you drive in

A view from one of the many comfortable pegs surrounding this idyllic lake

The Little Pond

This Syndicate lake is set in a beautiful location, surrounded by trees with good access and comfortable fishing platforms. The lake is well known for it's diversity and stock levels. The lake is set to the rear of the fishery backing onto open fields, this is the ideal setting for a fun filled peaceful day of fishing unhindered by other anglers or visitors. If you like your fishing to be fast and furious then this lake will suite you down to the ground with a bite a chuck in all pegs. The lake contains most species of fish and is noted for it's huge population of Skimmers and Roach but you will find a few surprises on the way with Catfish to over 40lbs, Tench, Chub, Perch, Crucian Carp and lots  Mirrors and Commons from a couple of pounds to 25lbs  to keep things interesting.

 This lake is ideal for that evening session after work or spending a morning catching lots of fish.

A view of the little pond

Surrounded by mature trees, reeds and shrubs

A view from one of the pegs on this idyllic lake

Please read the fishery rates section or contact details section of this site for information on joining the syndicate, please note that all current syndicate members take priority when the joining date approaches and there may be a waiting list for new membership.

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